Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Origamic Textural Textiles

A fold is to bend over or to double up. To fold is the act of surfaces coming together. As something is folded continuously a multiple of folds are created and the act of each fold creates many more folds beneath it. The fold multiplies and accumulates infinitely. Although a simplistic form, the fold divides the object into an infinity of smaller spaces and bends them one into the other.

I started this blog on ‘unfolding fashion’ after doing extensive research into the concept of the fold. The French philosopher Gilles Deleuze wrote a convoluted and complex book on the theory and philosophy of the fold and describes the fold as a ‘continuous discontinuity’.

Elena Salmistraro, is a designer that has experimented with the concept of folding and has truly pushed the possibilities of the art of origami. The continuous folding of paper has produced a delicate textural textile that she has designed into intricate headwear and necklaces.

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